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Journey & Discovery: Montessori Experience for Parents


At the end of the month the school will be celebrating Montessori Education Week (February 26 – March 3, 2018) culminating with Journey and Discover on March 2nd and 3rd.  Friday evening begins with a silent journey through the toddler, primary and elementary communities.  Utilizing observation, participants describe their experience and feelings about the environment.

On Saturday morning, participants have the opportunity to engage with the materials, receive lessons from the staff, and experience what it feels like to be a student in the environment (or as close as we can replicate the experience).  What does it feel like to teach a lesson to another peer?  Are you eager to get your hands on the materials or do you like to spend time observing what is happening in the environment?  These are some of the experiences you may have.  We wrap up the morning with time for reflections and a question and answer session with the staff.

Because many of us have experienced a more traditional style of learning, Journey and Discovery provides an opportunity to learn through doing, problem solving and thinking. 

Parents commented that the workshop gave them better understanding of the Montessori materials and an appreciation for the complexity and diversity of the environments.   It also provided ore insight into their child’s behaviors and confirmed their decision to give their child a Montessori experience.  One parent commented that every parent should attend!

Life is full of learning opportunities and I hope you will take advantage of this one!

Sincerely, Susie

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