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How to Prepare for Parent Teacher Conferences


With upcoming conferences, I wanted to share some thoughts about how to feel prepared and comfortable at parent/teacher conferences.
Conferences are a wonderful time to create a partnership and gain insight regarding your child. Your child’s teacher has a unique opportunity to observe your child in situations he or she is not necessarily involved in, at home. So the teacher may see behaviors that you do not see at home. Also, parents may see behavior the teacher has not witnessed. Neither is wrong, however each party is holding different perspectives. Conferences are an opportunity to share those perspectives and communicate for further understanding.
When you prepare for conferences you may want to come with note paper to take notes. Ask if the teacher has any concerns about your child’s learning? Is there anything the teacher would like you to know? This opens the door for consistency at both school and home.
If there is an area of concern, remember to focus on your child’s needs and not on blaming or feeling guilty. Ask questions to get as much information as possible. Everyone has the same goal – to help your child achieve their greatest potential. Also, remember they are growing and learning in many areas. The key is to support our children and prepare the environment at home and school to assist them in this amazing journey of growth and development.
What should I let my child’s teacher know?
If your child has had a difficult night and little sleep, if a significant person in your child’s life is out of town, or if you have moved or had a significant change in routine, please write a note for the teacher or inform them so we can assist your child through any transitions or strong feelings they may be exhibiting.
To read more check out This is a great resource for Montessori parents.



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