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Why Montessori?


When someone asks you why did you choose Montessori education, what comes to your mind?  How is it different than the current conventional public school?  Sometimes, we feel as though we need to defend our position of why we are looking for an alternative to the conventional methods of educating.  So, let’s start with the children.  What do we know about children’s natural laws of development and what factors contribute to a rich learning environment?   There are so many facets to the philosophy that steer many of us towards this method of education.

Children are naturally curious and love to explore.  I love how Montessori education fosters that natural curiosity by allowing them to explore their interests and repeat and focus on that interest or skill, until they have mastery.  The environment supports their passion and eagerness to learn while supporting divergent thinking and innovation.

The environment is filled with hands on materials that makes learning fun and allows the children to discover principles that are inherent within the material.  The community is designed for them to collaborate, be leaders and learn from one another; such as, watching one of our third year students assisting a second year student with his counting chain.

The children have many opportunities to problem solve and learn from their mistakes.  Two of the first year Elementary children were using the dictionary to check their work with antonyms.

Check out this YouTube video about Montessori education.  How does this speak to you and the type of education you want for your child, as well as, the life skills you want to foster?



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