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Journey and Discovery

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What a pleasure it was seeing a look of accomplishment after completing the cylinder blocks while blindfolded, or the sense of pride teaching a small group lesson on the checkerboard or the excitement when watching the properties of warm and cold water….it’s magic.   Watching the adults at work was amazing.

The parents who recently participated in Journey and Discovery were able to experience learning in the Montessori environment.  They were able to gain more understanding of their child’s day, experience learning from peers, feel a sense of accomplishment when problem solving or from gaining a new skill.

Because many of us have experienced a more traditional style of learning, Journey and Discovery provides an opportunity to learn through doing, problem solving and thinking.  Parents commented that the workshop gave them better understanding of the Montessori materials and an appreciation for the complexity and diversity of the environment.   It also provided more insight into their child’s behaviors and confirmed their decision to give their child a Montessori experience.  One parent commented that every parent should attend!

Because we have had such an enthusiastic response, we are starting a waiting list for those interested in participating in the next Journey and Discovery.  You will explore the toddler, primary and both elementary communities so remember; it is never too late to learn the Montessori way.


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