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The Magical Kindergarten Year!


When I observe in the classroom and I think back to my own children’s experience during their kindergarten year, I find I am thankful for the individual experiences each child had to foster and develop the skills that make them the unique amazing persons they are becoming.

For my child who was more reserved, this year became a year to shine as she gained confidence in her knowledge and presence in the community.  As she was ready, she was given more responsibility from the adults and beamed when she presented lessons to the younger children. 

For my social child, he relished in his leadership role and was fine tuning his ability to help others.  While displaying compassion and showing empathy for others in the community, he demonstrated more self-control that was still developing in his previous years.

The culmination of every child’s hard work comes to fruition during the kindergarten year as his or her many skills begin to take off. There are things a child just isn’t typically ready to undertake before that five-year-old year. They begin working with materials that require extraordinarily long periods of concentration and thinking across subject areas to make connections.  The depth of the materials holds no boundaries for the child. 

For some parents this is a harder decision to make than for others.  If you have not experienced your child growing though their kindergarten year in a Montessori community it can be hard to understand the benefits.  We hope you will observe and talk with other parents who have had their children stay; view the video on our website entitled, The Full Montessori Cycle; and be willing to, together, embark on this journey.

Think of kindergarten year as it relates to baking a cake.  For the 3 and 4 year old, these years are for gathering the ingredients, mixing the ingredients, and being placed in the oven to begin baking.   The kindergarten year is when that cake is fully cooked, and you are able to enjoy the delicious results.   If you take your cake out too early……..

Give your child the gift of time and an opportunity to celebrate his or her successes.



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