Kindergarten Classroom

The Montessori program is deliberately designed to be a three year program that capitalizes on the child’s development stage from 3- 6 years.  The children look forward to this year as they become more self-assured and socially mature.  It is only in the third (or kindergarten year) that much of what has been developing finally blossoms.  It is one of the prime reasons why Montessori has such a dramatic impact on children.


Continuity in Developmentally Rich Environment: Your child stays with the same teacher in the afternoon, providing more time for instruction and the opportunity to do “big work”.

No limit to the curriculum: This Extended Day year is the end of the sensitive period for language; never again will the acquisition of the rules of grammar or syntax be so effortless.  Remember diagramming sentences in 9th and 10th grade?  Our Extended Day children do that through play with colorful symbols!  Playing with words and increasing vocabularies will never again be such fun.  Many of our Extended Day children through their exposure to our specific materials will begin to read.  Children continue to gain skills in Math, Science, Art and Music.

Developing leadership skills and confidence: Our Extended Day class provides a familiar, secure place in which to practice being responsible and free to choose because of an inner discipline.  This is an important time to learn how to communicate, problem solve and work with others.  These children are fine tuning their life skills.

Fostering a love of learning:  Children use multi-sensory materials that make learning fun and exciting. They love following their interests.  Our Extended Day experience stays with your children in the same way their ability to walk, talk and count does.