The Greenhouse

Our greenhouse, is affectionately named “Serra Calda“, which is Italian for greenhouse or “house of the earth”.  It is overseen by a professional greenhouse manager, the Montessori greenhouse (named “Serra Calde” by students) beds and the outdoor plant beds directly involve children in plant selection, growth, nurturing and maintenance of annual and perennials, food crops and ornamentals.  We also market and sell much of the greenhouse bounty throughout the calendar year.  Along the way, students learn broader lessons about sustainability, horticulture, and the relationship between food and health.

Forest and trails at Montessori Radmoor

 Wetlands and Observation Deck

Students develop a connection to the outdoors as they observe birds, insects, and other creatures in a wetland habitat, and also learn the importance of preserving and maintaining the natural environment around the school through hands-on activities.

green house at Montessori

Forest and Trails

The woodland habitat and trails on the Radmoor Montessori property function as an outdoor classroom for learning about the trees, underbrush, vines, and invasive plant species, as well as insects and vertebrates of mid-Michigan.  They also serve as a popular “after-school” space for children to roam and play.


Wetlands and Observation Deck at Montessori Radmoor