Frequently asked questions about admissions to Montessori Radmoor School

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Admissions and Enrollment FAQ


As an AMI (American Montessori Internationale) recognized school, we provide a “true” Montessori experience for the child. For additional information on this differentiation, please visit our Montessori Authenticity page.  

In summary, we provide: 

Three Hour Work Cycle:  Our school is not governed by Public School contracts.  We have more flexibility to adhere to a three hour work cycle, as Maria Montessori proved to be most beneficial

Multi-Age Classroom:  From Primary through Elementary classrooms, there are three ages of children in the classroom, not two.  This allows the older children to cement what they have learned by assisting younger children.  It also allows for the growth of leadership skills.

Montessori Certification:  Teachers from all classrooms have either AMI or AMS certification.  This specialized training guarantees the teacher fully understands Montessori principles and their application in the classroom.

Should the need arise or your family relocates, we request written notification. We require at least two weeks notice prior to you withdrawing from the school.

It is recommended that you turn in your application at least a year in advance.  Most classrooms have a waiting list and the date of application is an important factor in the admission process along with other factors, like family’s commitment for complete Elementary program at Radmoor, attendance at all required Parent Study Program classes and balancing classrooms by age and gender.

CAN AN OLDER CHILD BE ADMITTED INTO A MONTESSORI PROGRAM?Not usually, because the Montessori environment grows with the child so the activities he/she works on one year cement the foundation for activities the next year. Sometimes an exception is made, but a variety of factors are taken into consideration, such as: If the child (and parents) have had previous experience in a Montessori environment, observations conducted in the child’s current classroom, the child’s age and the developmental cycle of the child. We are very proud of our outstanding programs and make every effort to ensure that the children who attend our school receive the full three-year cycle of curriculum and materials in the preschool and elementary classrooms.

At the toddler and primary level, up to $900 per child (annually) is available through our scholarship program.  At the kindergarten and elementary level, up to $2500 (annually) is available through our scholarship program. Please contact the office for additional information on submitting an application for our scholarships. 

General Routine FAQ

In the primary community (3-6 year olds), the children need to be able to use the bathroom independently. In the toddler community your child is not expected to be toilet trained.

The children are offered a snack everyday. Parents provide the snack for the entire class according to the schedule distributed by each classroom teacher or guide.

We do not serve breakfast; however, we do offer a hot lunch program during the school year. You may sign up on a monthly basis.


Dr. Montessori believed children should be respected as individuals in an environment that considers their physical size and mental capabilities. Therefore, the Montessori environment for each age level is designed for the children to participate to their fullest potential and be a constructive part of this community. When you walk into the environment you will instantly notice how child centered and warm it appears.