Parent Study Program

Montessori Radmoor School prides itself on providing a comprehensive Parent Study Program (PSP) that supports families with infants through 6th grade.  Parent Study Program classes help build a partnership between the parents and the school.

If you have any questions about Parent Study Program, our Admissions Director, Ms. Irina Jamison, may be reached at [email protected]

Our parents participating in Journey & Discovery parent class – where parents get to be Montessori students!

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This workshop is an introduction to the Montessori Method for both the newborn and parent.  The goal of this workshop is to assist the child’s development through small group interactions, facilitated by a certified Montessori instructor.  Special materials and furniture is utilized to aid children’s movement, coordination, verbal and cognitive development.

This workshop discusses the key components that make up a true Montessori environment and how it correlates to the child’s development of independence, confidence and creativity.  Participants will begin to explore the fascinating learning tools that encourage children to learn the skills they will need for life.
This class is open to our prospective families and to the public.

Click the links below to access class materials:
  1. Montessori Three Year Cycle
  2. Parent Styles & Children’s Behavior
  3. Tendencies & Sensitive Periods
  4. Comparing Montessori Method to Traditional 

This workshop discusses how Maria Montessori’s theories are related to our role as adults when interacting and understanding our children.  Participants will ascertain concrete applications of Montessori in your home, such as age-appropriate chores, organizing the home to support your child’s independence and encouraging “care of self” for the child.
This class is open only to families offered admission and to those on our waiting list.

Click the links below to access class materials:
  1. Examples of Good Verbal Guidance
  2. Practical Applications of Montessori in the Home, AMI article
  3. Sleep, Baby, Sleep, AMI article
  4. The Technology Screen, AMI article
  5. Suggested Reading Resources 

All new families will spend an hour with their assigned teacher learning about classroom policies, procedures, and the developmental and behavioral focus for their child’s age range.

Toddler and Primary Families

Focus on life skills and home environment, along with an overview of the Montessori learning environment and to better understand your child’s day.

Elementary Families

Focus on an overview of the development of the child at this age,  how the elementary environment differs from primary and important language development issues critical to this age (ie reading progress).

Parents who are new to their child’s community will be assigned 30 minutes of observation time.  Classroom observation allows for better understanding of the dynamics of the environment and the use of materials in the classroom.

All families are welcomed (new families are required) to enjoy this amazing experience is designed an opportunity for parents to explore the entire continuum of the school first hand, just as their children do during the school day.

What comes to mind when you think about your own formative education? Do you ever wonder what your child will experience when you drop him off in the morning? Have you been curious about the answer your child gives when you ask her what she did today and she answers “the farm game” or “the checker board”?

Spend the day engaged with the very same materials your child utilizes in the classroom and these questions (and more) will be answered!

Understanding the Montessori materials allows you to:

  • Understand the Montessori materials
  • See how the materials are integrated from Toddler to Elementary
  • Discover your personal learning style

If your child is transitioning from their current environment and moving into their next phase of the Montessori journey, we invite you to join Looking Ahead meetings.  Depending upon your child’s “new” environment, the format and content will vary for each session.

Elementary parents are welcome to visit the first Friday of each month to get an overview of their lessons and projects. 

By attending Parent Study Programs, you will be afforded the opportunity to better understand the Montessori practices conducted in the classroom.  Very few  parents actually attended a Montessori school as a child, thus leaving parents unfamiliar with the materials, lessons and structure of the environment.  These classes help develop that knowledge!

Click this Link to register  Or you may contact the office at (517) 351-3655 or email our Admissions Director, Irina Jamison at [email protected]

The classes are taught by our existing staff or school administrator.

Childcare is available for all programs (except Montessori 101 and Getting Ready for Montessori).  The rate is $7.00 per child (3 & up), $12.00 per child (18 months – 3). Advance registration is required to qualify for childcare.

Childcare is available for siblings (except Montessori 101 and Getting Ready for Montessori).  The rate is $7.00 per child (3 & up), $12.00 per child (18 months – 3).  If you have a sibling that doesn’t attend the school and requires childcare, please contact the office.

The Parent Study Program helps you better understand what and how your child is learning. After attending several workshops, I am amazed at what the children learn at such a young age. With these methods it seems so logical and within their grasp. The programs re-confirmed that sending my son to Radmoor was the right decision. – Autumn Romig, Parent of Primary Student