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We are glad you found our page!  Here you will find a variety of helpful resources, links and videos which discuss the principles of Montessori philosophy and various aspects of parenting.  Whether you are a Montessori parent already or are deciding if Montessori philosophy is a good fit for your child and your family, feel free to browse through the resources below.  We hope you find this page helpful and come back again as we regularly add new content.

Montessori Radmoor School of Okemos, MI has been educating children since 1968. Our school population comes from the entire Greater Lansing Area.  We pride ourselves in being the oldest private Montessori School in the area.  AMI-USA is the governing body that accredits Montessori Radmoor School.  AMI-USA is the US affiliate of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), which was founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori to preserve her legacy.  You can access their website here.


We regularly blog about different child development topics and how Montessori philosophy supports the development of the entire child.  Click this link to access our BLOGS.


AMI Explanation of Each Montessori Level – Toddler, Primary and Elementary

AMI USA Montessori Guide – a collection of videos about the Montessori methodology

Montessori Guide video about how the teacher redirects a child to a more appropriate choice of work in the Primary classroom.

Montessori Guide video about Collaborative Learning in Montessori Elementary community.

Please enjoy this video by Jason Silva. He says about his work, “I was fortunately not bullied in school because I studied at a Montessori school in Caracas which did not follow a traditional pattern, but developed the art based on the passion of the student.  I was lucky to be in an environment where curiosity was celebrated and nerds were cool.”

Trevor Eissler “Montessori Madness”

Looking to Montessori to Guide Education Reform: Anna Lee at TEDxMidAtlantic

Is there current research on the benefits of Montessori Education? Watch Dr. Steve Hughes, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at University of Minnesota Medical School answer this question.



Montessori Education Provides Better Outcomes Than Traditional Methods, Study Finds

Superwoman Was Already Here

Montessori Is An Example Of The New Culture of Learning – Forbes

The Montessori Mafia – WSJ

How Do Innovators Think – Harvard Business Review