Our Programs

Montessori Radmoor School serves children aged 18 months to 12 years. We encourage all children to discover their individual potential so that they can contribute to and thrive in a better world.

Toddler Community:

18 months-3 years old


Regular School 8:45 – Noon 


The connection between the mind and body is integral to development. The body helps the mind to make sense of the world through hands-on exploration, and the mind gains better control of the body as exploration occurs.   The Toddler classroom is a rich educational environment filled with activities that provide critical stimulation for whole body development.  Specifically, successful growth is promoted in areas of the whole child, including areas of social awareness, emotional development, intellectual potential and physical coordination.  The child is guided through this process by one trained teacher and two assistants.

Kindergarten Year – Last year in the Primary community:

5-6 years old

Regular School 8:45 – 3:15

The Kindergarten Year offers the child an opportunity to delve deeper into the curriculum, continue work from the morning  session, and/or explore additional work provided in the prepared environment.  This is a magical year during which everything that the child has experienced in the first two years becomes internalized and reinforced, and the child begins to move from very concrete learning to learning that is more abstract. 

Research supports Montessori’s findings that children learn well from one another and that a mixed age grouping promotes collaborative learning and improves social behavior for everyone in the community.  As the child becomes one of the older members of the classroom, she/he has an opportunity to mentor the younger children and thus give back to the classroom community. 

It has been said that during the first year of the three-year cycle in the Primary room, the children grow roots; during the second year, they branch out; during the third year, they blossom.

Primary Community:

3-6 years old with the last year of the cycle being “Kindergarten Year”

Primary Spanish Bilingual Classroom option

Regular School 8:45 – Noon

Primary activities are focused on helping every child become an individual while building a strong cognitive foundation. At this time in their lives, children learn how to think for themselves, be motivated intrinsically, approach learning joyfully, and self-regulate their emotions toward social harmony.   The Primary classrooms are filled with materials and lessons designed to support the development of a solid foundation for math, reading, writing and vocabulary.

We are proud to offer a Spanish bilingual option for primary students.  Early language immersion is one of the best ways for children to become bilingual, which provides them with life-long benefits. Our Spanish Bilingual program is integrated into our Montessori program so that children still receive an authentic Montessori education while gaining the added benefit of language immersion.

Lower Elementary

6-9 years old

Upper Elementary

10-12 years old

Regular School 8:45 – 3:15

The division of the elementary into two stages (6-9 year olds and 9-12 year olds) is based on the students’ developmental needs as they move towards adolescence.  The work in lower elementary is done with extensive Montessori material, allowing the children to not only experience depth and breadth of the curriculum, but also become comfortable with their own learning style.  The upper elementary students transition to more abstract thinking, relying more heavily on books and other resource materials.

Before and After Care is available in all communities • Click here for more information